Call to Action

Call to Action

‘Silent Land’ Mapping

The IRLL has done tremendous work to map ‘silent land’ (also called unused land, waiting plots, inactive space) which will be launched very soon to give this land a voice for community actions and address social welfare issues such as urban gardening, social housing, community building, sports & recreation. Therefore we offer an internship as “Silent Land Mapping Assistant” to the SLM-coordinator which includes investigative work as well as communication tasks. Be welcome to join the team by sending your motivation to

Welcome Youth Initiative

The IRLL takes initiative in putting housing for young people (working or studying, age 18 – 30) on the development agenda.  Connecting stakeholders (organizations operating in favor of decent and affordable solutions, enablers, providers, developers and end-users) and cities in order to meet feasible conditions for growth and future oriented perspectives. The IRLL observes insufficient conglomerated action to solve the youth housing question in periods of individual demand while research proves that housing plays a major role in social, mental and educational abilities for success.  The absence of a national strong lobby, regional fragmentation and the relatively short importance for the individual create a vacuum within the political playing field of urban development although the need in general is agreed upon. If your organization feels the need for a stronger action for housing for young people, you are more than invited to connect and cooperate.

The IRLL started a petition for the #WelcomeYouthInitiative (in Dutch) to put emphasis on Youth Housing in areas where Youth is confronted with too long waiting lists for affordable housing or unacceptable renting constructions due to market imperfections. Please sign and support. 

Circular urban land use study

New – research driven and operational – initiatives worldwide look at the scarcity of land in urban contexts which directly influence the economies of public finance, urban planning and (in-)stabilities of urban growth. Resilient cities are in balance. Landownership in an economic playing field deals with speculation as much as preservation. The IRLL has setting up a data bank with organizations dealing and involved with landownership in urban contexts in order to research alternative ways (methods and instruments) in land development and exploitation for residential living such as circularity. The IRLL offers a free position for research on the topic of circular urban land use and welcomes organizations to cooperate in this economic, social and environmentally heavily influenced area.

Becoming a Smart City by hosting Residential Living Labs

Housing in urban environments are under enormous pressure. Economic and social, but also environmental consequences are heavily discussed. Prices of land and rent increase and force many people to move to find affordable housing. Residential Living Labs as vivid metabolisms in an urban context  should be directly connected to smart cities in micro and macro planning and developments. At the moment the IRLL is testing the bottom up and top down approach to access smart cities. For the further development of these methods we look for a master student in urban development studies with special interest in smart cities to support us in what we call the ” City Access Method” (CAM) as an future oriented urban planning instrument.

Commission Vacancies

The IRLL works with commissions preparing and organizing the IRLL program. The commissions are responsible for the integration of research on the one hand and in the programs, activities and projects on the other. Commissions are limited to three people. The IRLL has (unpaid) vacancies for active and motivated commission members who brings the professional experience with a hands- on mentality to further develop the organization and participates in activities and projects. Being a member of a commission is not a full-time position. Candidates should bring a relevant network and preferably organizational experience to the table. Dutch and/or English language is required. Please send your motivation and CV to the IRLL.

Intern: Design mobile kitchen & bathroom

The IRLL received contract to design a mobile kitchen & bathroom unit for refurbishment of office building according to specified design criteria within an extremely short design & production cycle. That means lean, clean and smart design. Starting: directly, 3 – 6 months

Material & product testing

The IRLL offers the possibility to test innovative materials & products in real life environments with end-user evaluation and data-access. Finding a relevant pilot to test, monitor, evaluate and improve the innovation, belongs to the essential parts of the innovation process. The IRLL is offering this possibility within a save environment according to our integrity code. get in touch to discuss your needs and options.

New project locations

The IRLL is always looking for new initiatives and locations to set up temporary or permanent Residential Living Labs. As city or location owner you can contact us to discuss your location and the possibilities.

Location for your activity

Our location at the campus of TUDelft/ The Green Village is available for your meeting, too. Contact IRLL for further information.


The IRLL is a non-profit and offers young people the chance to earn practical experience in many disciplines.  Look at our actual open positions or send your motivation+CV to the IRLL.

  • intern communication support officer, 3 – 6 months, fulltime, languages English + Dutch, location Delft
  • intern program assistant projects, 12 months, fulltime, location Delft and travel to new initiatives