About us

The International Residential Living Lab™ (IRLL) is a nonprofit dedicated to improve residential living. It is headquartered in The Netherlands and operating a growing number of co-creation hubs linked to residential living labs.

The IRLL is a growing community of organizations and individual people engaged in any aspect related to innovation or improvement of residential living.

In fact, everything we do – from workshops, meetings, demonstrations, research, projects, publications or any other activity – is driven by this goal: How can we improve and innovate residential living and housing of the future?

The IRLL and the Residential Living Lab™ are owned by a nonprofit foundation. Our agenda is to realize as many sustainable and affordable residential living labs worldwide and to support stakeholders with as much knowledge about housing based on experience, research and education.

The IRLL is organized in commissions among which is the steering commission, the brain trust, the project commission, the partnership commission, the research commission and others.

How is the IRLL financed?

The IRLL makes money through membership and activities attendance fees, sponsorships, foundation support, licensing fees and book sales, and spend it for direct costs, support for community-driven initiatives and other.
Everyone who attend an activity of the IRLL is helping supporting the IRLL program, the IRLL Prize, free IRLL Fellowships, IRLL lessons and more great stuff that is spend to reach the foundations goal. For this reason, a percentage of the attendance fee is a charitable contribution.
The IRLL is also supported by partnerships with carefully selected organizations; their contribution support the IRLL programs or projects available to stakeholders, either for free or as part of other funds. We are very selective in the organizations we partner with. Other projects and initiatives are supported by foundation funding and individual donors.
And of course we’re also supported in kind. Thank you!