The IRLL is involved in on- and off-campus studenthousing projects. Trends in European studenthousing have evolved a lot during the last years and research in this niche has been initiated by industry leaders bringing experience from abroad to continental Europe.

As studentnumbers are expected to rise in all major cities, so has the industry funding, too. Experience says that the expectation for Europe can be compared to that of London where studenthousing has become a high yield investment slowing down the last years.

Imagining that this is true, studenthousing deserves our attention.

Next to financial issues, the main question remains unanswered:

How do we want the next generation to start their housing career and who is going to pay for it?

So, automatically, studenthousing is not just a matter of housing students for a couple of years (and asks parents to pay for it…) but a major topic of urban development and integration of young people into city life.

Trends to be expected are

  • High Density
  • Walkability
  • Resort-Style Amenities
  • Podium Construction
  • Trendy Architecture
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Fusion Facilities
  • Cohousing
  • Micro-Units
  • Student engagement
  • Dynamic campus housing